How to flood bath

How to flood bath

Visit of the real bath gives to organism pleasure and health. However that the bath really brought benefit, it is necessary to be able to flood it correctly.

It is required to you

  • Dry firewood, paper, matches or lighter, chips and shaving.


1. First of all it is necessary to remove old ashes (it will go to fertilizers) from the furnace and to check draft of flue by means of the lit match (if the flame deviates towards flue — the draft is). Prepare firewood — they have to be dry. In advance fill tanks for hot and cold water.

2. Put two logs in the furnace, between them — lump of dry paper (the size of newspaper leaf will be optimum). Powder paper with shavings and chips, small pieces of bark. And then over the lower logs put two more — across. "Well" turns out.

3. Set fire to paper and at once close furnace door that smoke has not stretched in bath. Now it is necessary to wait, without opening door until fire inflames. If the flame does not inflame from the first, put new paper in "well" and repeat attempt.

4. When fire inflames, the furnace will begin to hoot — exactly, monotonously and rather loudly. Now the door needs to be slightly opened slightly to provide air access. Completely open pipe latch that there carbon monoxide left.

5. In about 5-10 minutes it is possible to enclose new firewood — fill with them 2/3 heights of fire chamber. Level the previous wood bookmarks poker.

6. Further you should check periodically whether firewood has burned through, and to enclose new. You watch that the previous firewood has not burned through completely, otherwise between laying of firewood the bath will cool down. Firewood should be enclosed until you do not understand that the bath has heated up to temperature necessary to you is, as we know, the matter of taste.

7. You remember: it is possible to wash in bath only when all firewood has completely burned through! It is better not to close latch of pipe — so you will be sure that all carbon monoxide comes to light, but not to the bathing room.

8. Before beginning to wash, bath it is possible bath and to air a little — she will not manage to cool down. If all this has occurred, having splashed hot water on the heated oven stones, you easily again will heat it.

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