How to flood the base under bath

How to flood the base under bath

Reliability of bath directly depends on that, the structure of the base and also from that is how correctly chosen, how correctly it is put. It is necessary to consider properties of soil on which it is going to construct bath and to carefully think over all parts of construction.

It is required to you

  • Shovel,
  • sand,
  • crushed stone,
  • concrete,
  • level,
  • roofing material,
  • brick.


1. The most widespread type of the base under bath – tape. It well is suitable for sandy, rocky, dry clay soil. If the site is located in the lowland, near the crude area, you should not use continuous footing for bath. Think over location of the base, plan places where outlets for ventilation will be located. The underground of bath has to is obligatory to be ventilated well, otherwise conditions for emergence of growth of fungus are created and also there is unpleasant smell, many wooden parts of bath become useless. For wooden chopped bath of the small size enough base 25 - 30 cm wide. If bath stone, then and the base has to be wider.

2. Dig trench on perimeter of future bath and also in the locations of internal load bearing walls. Level trench bottom sand, fill up it with granite crumb or crushed stone and well stamp. The base of foundation has to be 20 cm below than frost depth of the soil. For midland it is depth not less than 75 cm, it is possible to reduce a little this digit if soil sandy and underground waters lie low.

3. Make concrete filling of trench, it has to be above grade level on 15 – 20 cm. For filling of the base under bath concrete in standard proportions is used: 1 parts of cement, 1.5 - 2 parts of water, 3 parts of sand, 8 parts of crushed stone.

4. Level top layer of concrete by means of cement slurry, using level. It is possible to bring the base to the necessary height by means of concrete filling and timbering, or to use brickwork as socle. Cover top layer of socle with waterproofing material – usually for this purpose apply roofing material. After your base is ready, let's it be stood not less than 40 days (at temperature not below 200 if temperature is lower, then increase time up to 60 days), and only after that establish on it bath.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team