How to force Hippeastrums to blossom quicker

How to force Hippeastrums to blossom quicker

The Hippeastrum is bulbous perennial plant, it is from South America. Now selectors have removed set of the different grades of Hippeastrum pleasing in the magnificent flowers. However many amateur flower growers, planting this plant at home, cannot wait for that moment when on it there are first buds. That the plant pleased with the beautiful and abundant blossoming, it needs to provide the correct care.

Landing of Hippeastrum

If you have decided to grow up Hippeastrum from bulb, then surely make sure that the bulb is healthy. For the purpose of prevention it can be processed special structure (Fundazol) and to dry.

It is very important to pick up correctly pot for Hippeastrum. Capacity for landing of plant has to have diameter by 2-3 times exceeding diameter of bulb. The Hippeastrum loves narrowness and in spacious pot will blossom poorly.

In pot it is necessary to fill surely drainage layer of 3-4 cm, the land for landing of Hippeastrum can be bought in shop or to prepare independently. For this purpose it is necessary to take 1 part of sand, 1 part of ashes, 2 parts of the sheet earth and 0.5 parts of vermiculite. When landing Hippeastrum it is necessary to watch that bulbs acted on the one third part from the earth. It is necessary to water plant moderately, in process of drying of top soil in pot. It is also necessary to introduce fertilizers carefully. If you are overzealous with fertilizing, then the bulb of Hippeastrum will begin to share actively, and it does not promote blossoming in any way. Bulbs also become shallow at insufficient lighting. Therefore it is worth providing to plant comfortable conditions of growth, having put pot in well lit place.

How to stimulate Hippeastrum to blossoming

That the Hippeastrum has blossomed, the plant which has grown from bulb needs to be transferred to condition of rest. For this purpose it is necessary to unbend leaves at flower and when they completely turn yellow, to cut off them. The pot with Hippeastrum should be put to the cool room and to water as required. If to provide to plant abundant watering, it is possible and not to wait for blossoming. After three months, the plant should be put to the warm room and to begin more frequent watering. When the Hippeastrum releases flower arrow, it is necessary to introduce complex fertilizer that the plant had enough forces for abundant blossoming to the soil. After the end of the period of blossoming it is necessary to cut off peduncle at the height about 2 cm from the soil. There are also extreme ways of stimulation of plant to blossoming, but it is necessary to use them extremely carefully. For example, industrial stimulation of Hippeastrums provides processing of bulbs of plants hot water. Water temperature should not exceed 45 wasps. Bulbs within 3 hours water with hot water. On assurances of experienced flower growers, after such processing of plant blossom approximately in 20-25 days.

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