How to force to blossom the Decembrist

How to force to blossom the Decembrist

The flower with the national name "Decembrist" correctly is called Schlumbergera or zygocactus. Time of blossoming of this plant most often falls on December therefore it and was called. That this forest cactus pleased us in the flowers, it is necessary to meet several conditions.


1. Very first what it is necessary to pay attention to is the size of pot in which there is your flower. As the zygocactus belongs to epifitny plants, its root system is poorly developed, it does not need a lot of soil. Therefore what will be pot with the earth, that high probability of annual blossoming less. At annual change you should not increase the pot size more, than by 1-2 cm. If the pot is much more, the flower will increase root system, but not to release buds for blossoming.

2. In order that the Decembrist blossomed, it is necessary to support the optimum mode. Flower kidneys are stuffed up at this flower at certain duration of daylight hours and temperature. If in the winter the plant is in the warm room (higher than 23 wasps), be ready that green material will be gathered, and flower buds will be absent completely. If the flower is at temperature 17-20os, then kidneys will be created, but only in case the daylight hours is short. In case temperature is low, in limits 10-15os, buds will be created regardless of length of daylight hours.

3. The place where there will be Decembrist, has to be rather light, but not under direct sunshine. The mode of humidity of the room is also very important. The flower very much does not love not only movements from place to place, but even turns concerning the sun. Therefore at shifts or when rubbing dust mark on pot as the flower stood concerning window.

4. Also there is one trouble-free way for blossoming of the Decembrist. It is necessary to make to flower imitation of desert "drought", having ceased to water it. But be not overzealous. After the period of the reduced watering flower it is necessary to water and feed up actively.

5. If the Decembrist blossoms, but is not as abundant as there was a wish, then it is necessary to make the following. For stimulation of future more abundant blossoming it is necessary to pinch off plates-chleniki on the ends of those escapes which have already faded. This procedure "will update" plant and will prepare it for blossoming.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team