How to force to blossom violets

How to force to blossom violets

There is huge number of grades of violets (saintpaulias) with various form and coloring of flowers. Their blossoming very long and abundant is normal, but if care for them wrong and conditions of cultivation of these wonderful plants are violated, they just cease to blossom.

That violets blossomed practically without breaks and the plant was similar to small bright bouquet, it is necessary to create to saintpaulia necessary conditions for growth and development and to look after, of course, it in due form.


For blossoming the violets need bright sunlight. In shadow and half-shade the blossoming can stop or not occur at all. The flower itself will prompt that it lacks light - leaves of violet are extended and brighten.

Put plant to the solar place, and after a while it will thank you cap of beautiful flowers.

Though the violet — is photophilous, direct sunshine are not pleasant to it. Leaves become "boiled" and hang down pot on each side. If there is too much light, the violet needs to be rearranged on other windowsill or to pritenit from direct sunshine. Best of all the flower suits the window coming to the East.

At lack of light, extend day for violet artificially, having established over flowers of the daylight lamp. You watch that on them there was no dust and other pollution.


It is very important to make suitable substrate for violets. They do not suit the soil rich with humus, on it violets grow strong, leaves become fleshy and dark green, at first sight plant healthy, but from it you will hardly wait for blossoming. In substrate on the basis of peat the violets will lack nutrients therefore too it is possible not to wait for blossoming. Way out — to replace plant in friable, air-permeable substrate. Make pochvosmes of 2 parts of sheet humus and 1 part of clean bank sand, on bottom of pot fill drainage haydite layer or beaten brick.


If your violet has ceased or has not begun to blossom, pay attention to capacity in which it grows. If the pot is more than diameter sockets, then reason in it. To violet is much more comfortable in close, small pot. To force plant it is possible to blossom, having just replaced it in suitable pot.

Diameter of flowerpot for adult plant has to be no more than 9 cm.

Affects amount of colors and thickness of the socket. The plant very quickly expands and gives many children therefore it is necessary to replace it 1-2 times a year to the fresh soil, at the same time separating children and excess leaves. At change bury the bared neck of plant to leaves, and wash out roots and remove superfluous and damaged. Young plants blossom is much more abundant, than old copies.

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