How to form ficus krone

How to form ficus krone

The homeland of ficus are subtropical and tropical forests of Southeast Asia. In frigid climate it is grown up in room conditions and in greenhouses. The plant can reach huge height and have powerful krone which can be created at own discretion.

It is required to you

  • - secateurs, scissors or knife;
  • - wood charcoal;
  • - potassium permanganate;
  • - medical alcohol.


1. Form ficus krone annually at the end of March, the beginning of April. If it is not necessary for you that the ficus has grown the huge sizes, then cut off krone top as soon as the ficus reaches the sizes necessary to you.

2. You carry out forming by sharp knife, scissors or secateurs. Previously process tools medical alcohol to avoid infection which can ruin ficus. Annual cutting of krone will promote growth of pazushny kidneys and new escapes which grow stronger and healthy.

3. You can cut off krone as outside, and in plant if internal escapes have rather strongly expanded and internal part of krone is strongly shaded.

4. Also systematically delete the become bare escapes which have thrown off foliage and the died-off leaves.

5. Cut off the main escape annually on 20-30 cm. Each cut-off escape has to have not less than 5 leaves. You can create all other parts as it is necessary for you.

6. Most often the ficus is formed in the form of two, three or five level shtamb. For this purpose leave the maximum number of escapes at distance of 50 cm from each other. As much as possible cut off all other escapes, leaving no more than 5 leaves. Do such quantity of tiers which is necessary for you. Floor ficus which it is possible to grow up 3 meters and above that is exactly so as far as height of your ceiling allows, form in several tiers.

7. You can not carry out standard forming, and just cut off ficus circle, corner, generally, as you need it.

8. The krone can be received from several ficuses. For this purpose put 3 ficuses in pot and weave trunks. You receive huge krone from several plants which you can create at own will.

9. When forming krone observe security measures, at once grease all cuts with pounded wood charcoal or solution of potassium permanganate that the plant has not ached.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team