How to form monetary tree

How to form monetary tree

With monetary tree or as correctly it is called, the crassula has connected many signs. One of the most widespread – it attracts financial wellbeing to the house and also brings to its owner good luck. Therefore many try to hold this wonderful plant at home. But it is important to know how to look after it and as it is correct to form tree.


1. Crassula - one of the most unpretentious plants. It perfectly transfers dry air, does not demand frequent watering and spraying. At the same time it quickly grows and well gives in to cutting.

2. In order that the plant was beautifully formed, it is necessary to plant it in convenient pot. As the root system of crassula wide and superficial, and the pot is selected same. For stability of plant it is also possible to pick up pot so that its diameter equaled to diameter of krone. Do not plant monetary tree in narrow pot at all - it will slow down its growth. It is possible to replace monetary tree time in half a year.

3. To create beautiful monetary tree, it is necessary to prishchipyvat it constantly. As soon as three-four couples of leaves grow by tree, it is necessary to prishchipnut the kidney which has appeared under them. At the same time try not to damage leaves. After a while instead of remote kidney you will see several new kidneys – thus the crassula has begun to branch. It is important that it was several kidneys, but not one. In case one kidney poyavlvitsya, it is necessary to remove it again.

4. If you were late with nipping, and for tree not three-four couples of leaves, and more, then cut off excess part of branch. Surely process the place of demolition - pounded activated carbon or cinnamon. Further also to prishchipyvayta kidney.

5. Do not throw out the cut-off excess branches of crassula at all – new plants will grow from them. They can perfectly take root both in soil, and in water. It is possible to place branch to parental tree and after rooting to replace it in separate pot.

6. Sometimes the tree is given the necessary form by means of the fixing materials. For this purpose it is necessary to bend young escapes in the necessary direction and to record by means of wire or stick. As soon as the trunk takes the necessary form and will stiffen, fastenings can be removed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team