How to form pepper

How to form pepper

Forming of any bush most often consists in giving of the necessary extent of branching to it. It is reached prishchipyvaniy its top and timely removal of stepsons and tops - so call the strong escapes growing sideways or directly from root.


1. That at bush of pepper side escapes have been well developed, delete its top when the plant in height reaches 22-26 cm. After the top of plant is removed, the bush begins to branch. There is it as follows: the bosom of each leaf leaves new branch. Their quantity can sometimes reach 10-15 pieces, depending on that how many at the time of prishchipyvaniye of top remained in the bottom of leaves. From all appeared new escapes it is necessary to leave 4-6 topmost, and the others to remove and delete again if they begin to grow anew. Further before the harvesting it is necessary to monitor carefully emergence in the bottom of escapes and in due time to delete them. 4-6 new escapes left on top in turn prishchipyvat as soon as those reach length of 10-15 cm.

2. The optimum number of escapes at pepper is formed on branches of the third order. These branches do not prishchipyvat any more, and wait for the beginning of blossoming and formation of ovaries. On each bush of pepper, depending on its size, leave from 10 to 15 fruits, the others pull out at blossoming stage that the plant did not spend too many forces. If to leave all fruits which will be created the harvest will be small, and from narrowness the possibility of various diseases including decayed is very big. In order that there has in the best way taken place pollination of pepper and fruits were tied, pepper bushes in dry sunny weather well stir up, also arrive usually with tomatoes and eggplants. Pepper belongs to photophilous plants and if it badly grows, branches insufficiently or poorly blossoms, and fruits leave small, perhaps, the plant lacks light. When choosing the place for placement of bushes of pepper it is necessary to consider this his requirement.

3. In case pepper is grown up not in the open air, and houses, on the balcony or in the greenhouse, it is necessary to watch air humidity and temperature carefully. If temperature is very high, about 30 wasps above, and moisture in the soil is not enough, at pepper, as well as at tomatoes and eggplants, there is lignification of fruits and crack on them. If at such increased temperature and the humidity is high, the risk of infection of plants and fruits with various grades of decay is very high. Most often decay strikes fruits and leaves then pepper is already unsuitable in food. For this reason in greenhouses it is especially carefully necessary to watch density of branches of each bush and quantity of fruits on it. Without forming of bush the harvest will be poor, but in this question it is necessary to know when to stop.

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