How to form tomatoes

How to form tomatoes

Forming of bush of tomato is necessary for receiving good harvest and protection against phytophthora. Plants strongly branch, give set of side escapes on which new tomato inflorescences are formed. If not to delete stepsons, then fruits will be badly poured and to ripen slowly. For restriction of growth of stalk carry sometimes out also nipping of the main escape.

It is required to you

  • - rubber gloves;
  • - potassium permanganate – 5 g;
  • - water – 1 l.


1. Define to what look your plants belong. Tomato bushes are standard, to strong upright bush and tall – to long stalks. The first species of tomatoes well grows in the open ground, yields early harvest. The second look is grades with the average and late term of ripening. They are landed in greenhouses.

2. Make solution of margantsovokisly potassium in water. Pour out it in wide basin. Rinse in it hands in gloves after each bush. Not to carry with juice viruses from sick plant on healthy when you break out stepsons from trunks and to delete leaves.

3. Forming of standard tomatoes. Remove patients and the turned yellow leaves from trunk of plants. In process of growth of tomato bush tie up stalk above that it has not broken. Leave 7 flower ovaries, break off the others. Removal of stepsons is not required from under-sized plants as fruits medium-sized and perfectly grow ripe on the remained brushes.

4. At some srednerosly hybrids of standard tomato bushes it is possible to extend the fructification period due to transfer of point of growth to side stalk. When the main trunk after 5 – 6 flower brushes ceases to grow, tie up the large top stepson to lane. It will continue growth and will give some more flower ovaries. Break out all lower side shoots. To what look your grade of tomatoes belongs, read on the label from seeds.

5. Forming of vysorosly (indeterminantny) tomatoes. Remove all unnecessary side escapes from plant. Form high tomato bushes in one trunk. If your seedling has been planted widely spaced, you have considered possibility of leaving of the second side escape in advance, only then it can be not broken out.

6. Leave the strongest side escape which will develop from under the first inflorescence. At once tie up it and you watch two trunks equally. That is delete all other stepsons and the turned yellow leaves. Do it at least once a week.

7. Break out side escapes early in the morning, leaving columns about 2 cm. Do not allow side escapes to develop more than 7 cm, and that they will take away on the growth many nutrients from the main trunk, slowing down growth of fruits.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team