How to get permission to gas

How to get permission to gas

Natural gas – one of the most economic, favorable and convenient types of fuel. It is possible to carry out it in places where there passes the central pipe of the gas pipeline and the distribution equipment is installed. To connect the house to the central gas supply, it will be required to collect number of documents, permissions and to receive specifications.

It is required to you

  • - statement in regional service of gas;
  • - passport;
  • - certificate on property on the house and the site;
  • - copy of the cadastral plan of the house and site;
  • - contract for specifications;
  • - contract for connection;
  • - act of input of devices in operation;
  • - contract for delivery and payment of gas.


1. To get permission to connection to the central gas supply, address to regional service of supply of natural gas to the population. Submit documents for the house, the copy of the cadastral plan of the house and site. Fill out the application form of the offered form. You receive the form of specifications of leading of gas. Only the experts having the license for carrying out works of this type can fill it. Most often technical specialists leave the most gas company delivering gas and to look for firms with presence of these experts there is no need.

2. Sign the contract for implementation of the list of works for areas for scheduling of supply of gas to the house and filling of specifications. This work is paid for the made estimate. Experts from gas service will carry out the list of necessary works, will make all technical plans, will fill out documents with which it is necessary to address to the regional supplying company again. To you will append the seal and signatures on specifications and will give permission to connection of the house to gas, but to carry out independent mounting of any gas equipment and furthermore to join gas distribution pipe, it is strictly forbidden.

3. You have to sign the contract with team of assemblers who will make external and internal mounting of the gas equipment. External mounting will be carried out on one estimate, internal – on another. That is you will pay two times.

4. You have to prepare all couplings, sgona, to buy gas boiler, the metering device and at will additional equipment.

5. After to you carry out the gas pipeline to the house and will establish all types of the equipment, address suppliers in customer service, write the application for the expert's call for inspection of the metering device and to input of the equipment in operation. On the basis of survey will issue you the act of input of metering devices in operation.

6. Address to customer department again. Sign the contract for payment and supply of gas.

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