How to get rid from pellet on sweater

How to get rid from pellet on sweater

During long the socks on woolen sweater are formed pellets which strongly spoil exterior of product. Give thing to professional dry-cleaner or try to bring it into tidy look independently.

It is required to you

  • The machine for removal of pellets, cuticle scissors, the safe safety razor, paint roller, double-sided adhesive tape.


1. Use the special machine for removal of pellets. It is possible to buy it in shop of household appliances or big supermarkets. Externally this device is similar to men's electrorazor. The machine quickly deletes pellets from clothes and at the same time does not damage material. However the knives which are built in the device body quickly are blunted and cease to perform the function qualitatively.

2. Cut off pellets cuticle scissors. But consider that process will be very long. For this purpose pull the spoiled place of sweater on palm of the left hand, and right - accurately cut off pellets.

3. Remove pellets by means of the safe safety razor. Also you can use disposable. Spread sweater on plain surface and pull. Then take the safety razor and remove with accurate movements pellets. Try not to press strongly the razor accidentally not to damage material. Thus process all spoiled sites of sweater.

4. Paste small pieces of adhesive tape on the processed places and remove sharp movements. It will help to get rid of the dust and fibers which have remained after removal of pellets. Then wash sweater in warm soap solution and propoloskayta with the conditioner.

5. Paste double-sided adhesive tape on paint roller. Put product in the straightened state on table. Then carry out by the roller on material. Continue, do not clean all sweater yet. Do not forget to change adhesive tape periodically. If from the first it was not succeeded to achieve desirable result, repeat the procedure.

6. Remove pellets with hands. This way is good if the sweater is not strongly spoiled and material allows such processing. Otherwise you risk to spoil clothes even more.

7. Give thing to dry-cleaner if you are afraid to remove pellets independently. Professionals in short terms will put sweater in order.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team