How to get rid of ants in the apartment independently

How to get rid of ants in the apartment independently

Ants - some of the most hardy insects who can lodge in the apartment. From their emergence in the house nobody is insured. Ants not only spoil mood, constantly catching sight, but also carry various infection on the house, having got over, say, from garbage can on clean ware. You should not close eyes to presence of ants in the house: if in time not to bring them, after a while they will become very much that you will already live in their apartment, but not they in yours. Let's tell about how to get rid of ants, without causing disinsectors.


1. On getting rid of ants in the apartment independently, it is necessary to spend a lot of time and efforts. These insects not from those who can be brought in no time. However it is quite possible if you have enough patience and persistence.

2. For successful fight against ants we will understand as their activity is organized. The ant colony is based in the slot which center are the females making new individuals. They in this slot sit constantly and to themselves do not get food: it is done for them by working ants which to reproduction are not capable. Slots usually are in slots in floor or wall, however can be also in other places - sockets, old furniture, electric devices. To the slot conducts so-called corridor along which working ants move. Together with it it can take very many place, for example, under linoleum or parquet, quite possibly, the dwelling of insects the area to half-rooms disappears.

3. In shops very many various means from ants are on sale, beginning from dichlorvos which in principle helps, and finishing with various gels, traps, sprays. Read responses of those who already solved problem of ants in the apartment, choose means and apply if they are inefficient, try others. At the same time attentively study safety rules when using to avoid poisoning someone from family members or pets.

4. To increase the probability of extermination of the females who are responsible for reproduction of ant colony place poison where working ants have got used to take food for them. Only these places, as a rule, are in kitchen where you also eat. Therefore in that place where you often see the ants which are looking for than to profit, you do not store temporarily the products unless poisoned, especially for insects. Only surely warn about it all, including guests.

5. There are folk remedies which are frightening off ants. Long since for this purpose use mint, wormwood, garlic, crude sunflower oil, camphor oil. Also put closer to corridor of ants approximately once a week. working individuals are afraid of smell, and it complicates for them search of food.

6. For fight against ants use boric acid, pernicious for them, which is on sale in pharmacy. On its basis traps become. Retseptov exists set. Acid can be added to honey, jam, meat, mix from yeast with sugar syrup or jam.

7. And at last, the best way to fight against ants independently - to watch that they were not got. For this purpose it is necessary to keep the apartment clean, always at once to wash dirty the dishes, to remove the remains of products and crumb from table, to take out garbage more often, to close packings and banks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team