How to get rid of ants on the seasonal dacha the hands

How to get rid of ants on the seasonal dacha the hands

Ants are integral part of homestead economy. These insects have the high level of survival. But it is possible to struggle with them, besides without involving assistance.

Preventive methods

Areola of dwelling of ants it is very extensive. And the seasonal dacha is not exception.

The ant family is capable to do huge harm to agricultures. They live underground, dig the tunnels for activity, thereby breaking development of root system in the planted plants. Therefore disposal of this wrecker is necessary step for any gardener. It is necessary to bring the simplest order on the site to preventive measures, in time to take out garbage and the decayed plants.

Also condition of emergence of ants is availability in the territory of plant louse. Therefore for prevention of emergence of ant pack the population of plant louse also should be exterminated.

One more important council: crumbs and particles of food dropped on the earth also attract insects. Therefore it is important to watch purity on the site.

National methods

Many summer residents fairly believe that application of chemical means for extermination of insects can cause absorption by agricultures of chemicals. What will lead to infliction of harm to the person at consumption of this food.

. Actually there are national methods which by efficiency do not concede to more rigid ways.

  • The simplest is banal excavation of ant hill and its transfer to other place. For this purpose it is necessary to make undermining shovel, to pour the earth with ants in package and to move to the new place, far away from the site. To learn location of ant hill, it will be most correct to trace the movement of working column. Ants always create tracks for movement. 
  • Boiled water. You will need bucket of hot boiled water. The water which is just removed from plate or fire pours out all volume on ant hill. It is important that the water current has destroyed structure of the dwelling of insects and has destroyed uterus. After uterus death the ants will go to look for the new place. It is better to carry out process in the evening when all family stops working and goes to sleep.

   3. Wood ashes. It is required to scatter it on the ground. Ants, stepping on it, test itch and burning. Besides ashes are good fertilizer.       4. Gasoline, diesel fuel. To take liquid about a liter, to pour out on lodge, to set fire. Not to forget to observe measures of fire safety. 

Important! The most important point is destruction of uterus without which colony not to survive. Extermination of certain individuals, especially working specialty, will not bring any benefit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team