How to get rid of bugs folk remedies

How to get rid of bugs folk remedies

Bed bugs — extremely unpleasant insects of whom it is extremely difficult to get rid despite abundance of various chemicals. Many people of stings of bugs do not notice and often cannot understand what does not allow them to have a rest normally. Anyway it is necessary to fight against bugs. At the same time there is not always opportunity to address to specialized institution.

It is required to you

  • Carbon sulfur
  • Kerosene
  • Soap
  • Water
  • Grater
  • Capacity for solution cultivation
  • Plastic bottle
  • Funnel
  • Scales
  • Measured capacity


1. If business happens on the dacha where there is no long-distance heating, it is possible to try to overcome bugs in the winter in hard frost. Open all windows and doors for several days. Of course, this method can be applied only in case at the dacha there is nobody at this time and at the same time there is guarantee that nobody will get there. Besides, it is necessary that the bed linen was in the house at this time.

2. But to freeze the house perhaps not always. For example, in multifamily residential building with normal heating it is impossible in principle. Therefore it is better to use chemical means. Prepare ingredients, necessary for "antiklopiny" mix. 7 parts of soap, 20 parts of kerosene and 10 parts of water are the share of 1 part of hydrogen sulfide.

3. Grate soap. It is better to take small grater because soap should be pounded almost in powder. It considerably will accelerate process of mixing of mortar.

4. Mix soap and carbon sulfur in homogeneous mass. Strongly it is not necessary to pound, soap will all the same be dissolved. Add kerosene to the received mix. Properly mix mix. Pour out all this in bottle with hermetically closed cover Shake up mix.

5. Pour out mix in capacity more and dilute with water. Whether there will be water raw or boiled, there is no difference in this case. Miss the mark all slots in wood structures and walls. Processing should be repeated several times.

6. If is not present some of ingredient (for example, not everywhere it is possible to get kerosene) — make other mix which constituent parts you will precisely find in pharmacy and in household shop. Mix 1 part of turpentine with 5 parts of ammonia solution, and miss the mark with this mix all corners and slots.

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