How to get rid of Colorado beetles

How to get rid of Colorado beetles

The Colorado beetle is constant headache not only of summer residents potato breeders, but also the landowners specializing in cultivation of eggplants, tomato and other cultures. Moreover, in recent years the bug wrecker has managed to become addicted also to new type of vegetables – to sweet pepper. As it is possible to fight effectively against this Colorado misfortune, using not chemicals which can be hazardous to health and to which bugs pretty fast get used?

The most popular methods of fight against Colorado beetle

Landowners carry to similar type of lifesavers, for example, chicken dung, and if more precisely, solution on its basis. As it appears from responses of vegetable growers, after careful processing of the field the bug vanishes from it very for a long time and pretty fast. For mixing of mortar it is necessary to part 10-15 grams of dung in one bucket of water. Processing is recommended to be made after harvesting.

The second means – ashes which are effective at dispersion through sieve on the blossomed plants. Unfortunately, the efficiency of this method vanishes if the stage of blossoming has already passed.

Soap and cindery solution has also proved to be quite effective. Train him so – 1 kilogram of ashes needs to be boiled in 10 liters of water, to allow the received solution to infuse several days, and then to dissolve piece of previously wiped laundry soap in solution. Means needs to be used diluted in proportion with water 1 liter to 10 liters of liquid. Also vegetable methods are effective. So, it is possible to surround potatoes with calendula, garlic or bean. Their smell perfectly frightens off wreckers. One more way – solution of devyasil which is also prepared quite simply. 100 grams of roots of plant which can be got practically in any pharmacy are filled in with bucket of boiled water and infuse at the closed cover about an hour. Then plants simply spray.

Other ways

Some gardeners report also about such way. It is necessary to collect tops of vegetable of already otplodonosivshy tomatoes in the fall, to crush them and to fill in with 10 liters of water which then to put on fire and to boil within 30-40 minutes. For greater efficiency it is possible to add to this solution of a little laundry soap. Is suitable for inhabitants of the southern regions and the following method – leaves or shell of walnut are pounded very small and retted in water for several days. Then liquid is filtered, and after that it spryskivat potato plants. Effectively for processing of potatoes from Colorado beetle also urea and if more precisely, its solution – 100 grams of urea on 10 liters of water has proved to be. And this method is good doubly. It will help to get rid of wreckers and also to feed up the extra root system of plants nitric means. It is also possible to prepare means on the basis of vinegar and soda. On standard bucket of water it is necessary to part half of liter of vinegar and 100 grams of soda then to trace that the last was well dissolved. Perfectly means both affects adult bugs, and on their larvae.

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