How to get rid of condensate at plastic windows

How to get rid of condensate at plastic windows

At temperature reduction on the street at plastic windows there can be condensate – they mist over. The reason consists in essential difference between temperatures on the street, in package of window and indoors. By rules of physics the fast condensation of water comes from air under the influence of the lowered temperature, increase in air humidity and lowering of atmospheric pressure. If it is impossible to affect atmospheric pressure in any way, then it is possible to change other two indicators.


1. Increase air temperature indoors, having included heating appliances. Thus the dew point "is removed" therefore air is cooled on surface of plastic window longer time and condensate is not formed.

2. Warm slopes and walls near it from within and outside. As a rule, this procedure has to be carried out at installation of plastic windows, but often during mounting of slopes the builders use only plastic for scenery, but forget to warm walls. Therefore cold air can get inside without obstacles and also cool surface about window that reduces temperature at window indoors.

3. Wide windowsills can open "fogging" windows too. They close access of the warm, warmed-up by subwindow radiators air to windows. Establish from above plastic window the thermal curtain which is warming up air in space about window in the winter.

4. If between indoor temperature and outside the big difference, then the reason of emergence of condensate can consist in small quantity of double-glazed windows. In northern regions of our country it is recommended to establish plastic windows with three glasses, that is with two double-glazed windows. To carry out even more qualitative thermal insulation of window, four glasses are required.

5. Leads increase in humidity to formation of condensate. Check extract in the room. If air badly circulates, then the humidity indoors increases. If the apartment is located on the first floor near the basement or near roof in the multi-storey building, then in it the constant dampness can be observed. Carry out thermal insulation and separate the apartment from adverse walls. Air the room, especially more often if the apartment is in recently built house. In such houses from plaster and tile large amount of water evaporates.

6. Sometimes at plastic windows the package misplacement is the reason of emergence of condensate. When mounting windows it is necessary to make window block thermal insulation that condensate did not appear. If other methods of elimination of condensate do not help, call masters for reinstallation of plastic window. Keep in mind that condensate can be formed because of cheap or low-quality windows, in such cases without replacement of window it is impossible to get rid of condensate.

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