How to get rid of domestic ants

How to get rid of domestic ants

Life in own house is accompanied by closer contact with wildlife. However it does not mean that the inhabitant of apartments avoid attacks of mosquitoes, moth and ants. We will also talk about the last in this article.

Ants can be got in any apartment and at any height. In own house they at all not rarity. The reason for which they appear, same, as well as for appearance of cockroaches. Correctly, ants come if find food. It is interesting to you how they do it? Everything is simple, the ant hill dispatches the intelligence agents in all directions. And if such intelligence agent finds at you on floor honey puddle, wait for piles of ants in the nearest future. To you can lead, and you catch and will destroy the first intelligence agents. In this case it will be possible to get rid of ants without fight.

If information after all has filtered, then prepare for prompt actions. For a start eliminate all food from available places. That is put it in the fridge and do not leave garbage for the night in the house. Then try to find the place through which ants get to the house. Look for attentively and accurately, without it it will be impossible to get rid of ants.

When the hole is found, try to close it effectively. For this purpose it is possible to use putty, foam concrete, silicone adhesive or something else. Material selection is difficult as the effect has to be from the first, and this material should not make the life in literal sense of you miserable. The effective method is to fill small mounds of red pepper in those places where there passed tracks of ants (in regiments in kitchen, in corners of the toilet room, etc.). Fortunately or, unfortunately, but repair with modern materials to fight against ants already there is no need. Insects just do not visit such houses. In general it is difficult to destroy ants in the house. These are very annoying, hardy and small animals. Therefore prepare for long siege of your kitchen. If the offered methods do not help, it is possible to use dezinsektorny means.  

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