How to get rid of domestic mice

How to get rid of domestic mice

Practically each summer resident and the inhabitant of multifamily house faces problem of appearance of mice. Nice, but dangerous small animal. Mice bear in themselves serious danger as are carriers of parasites and various infections. Therefore it is necessary to fight with them.

It is required to you

  • ultrasound, mousetrap, glue bait, toxic chemicals, poisonous gases, cat


1. The most effective method of fight against rodents is ultrasound. At the same time it is absolutely safe for human health, pets and mice. Special sound signals only frighten off rodents, and desire ever to return does not arise.

2. Get cat. People resorted to such method since the most ancient times, without hoping, however, for unambiguous result. Only units manage to get rid of rodents by means of cats. Who knows, can among this number, there will be also you.

3. Widespread option is the mousetrap. Such method of fight against domestic mice is rather productive. However considering that small animals are not so silly and trustful, to constantly use this adaptation there is no sense. The congenital care will not allow rodent to approach trap from which the smell of the died fellows proceeds close.

4. Use disposable glue traps. The bait and the sticky basis will make the business. The small animal tightly will get stuck in trap. You will only need to throw out the mousetrap together with the victim.

5. Most often use the poisoned baits. Poison is added to food or water. Time of death of rodent depends on substance which he has eaten. Phosphide of zinc and coumarin belong to the most effective poisons.

6. Use such method as pollination by toxic chemicals. As mice are very clean, they will receive poison dose, licking the abrasive paper. Spray phosphide of zinc or coumarin in habitats of rodents, and you will get rid of them.

7. Effective method in fight against domestic mice and other wreckers is aeration. Process poisonous gases zone of dwelling of rodents and you sleep peacefully. Aeration is carried out, as a rule, carbon, sulphurous dioxide, oxide of ethylene, carbon, phosphorous hydrogen, chlorine and so forth.

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