How to get rid of earth rat on the site

How to get rid of earth rat on the site

Uninvited guests in the form of rats on the garden site will not please owners. They can eat the whole harvest of beet and other root crops. It is necessary to notice and eliminate earth rats on the site in time.

Earth rats have one more name - water voles. Length of body reaches 25 centimeters. They are very gluttonous and unpretentious in food. Vegetable food and animal enters their diet. They eat root crops, tops of vegetable, bark of trees and also frogs, mice and some insects. If on the garden site traces of rats have appeared: potoptanny beds, the picked trees and root crops, means - it is time to declare on them war.

The earth rat likes to regale not only on vegetables, but also flowers. Gives special preference to bed with saffron.

Ways of fight against rats

The easiest way which is not demanding material investments - to fill in rat hole water. Then all its inhabitants will run away. But for a start these minks still it is necessary to find. At the exit it is possible to establish traps to catch in them the escaped rats and forever to neutralize.

It is possible to use the vibrodevice which frightens off earth rats. "Tornado OZV.01" will be suitable for these purposes. It is dug in to the earth. It is better to install several devices on all site for bigger efficiency at once.

Animals rat catchers

Those who keep dog or cat in the house can not face similar problem at all. Pets are excellent rat catchers. In this field have well proved rates. They smother the victim and then dig in it to the earth. But not all animals catch rats, some are afraid of them at all.

The rat three times a year breeds, in one dung can be up to 5 cubs at once. They begin independent life in month after the birth.

Rat poison

If the hole of earth rats is located in the shed, the way of flooding of hole will not fit. It is possible to use rat poison. The truth it is impossible to call this way safe. If cats or dogs eat rat which has managed to regale on poison, then the lethal outcome is inevitable. And the poison needs to be hidden far. Owners have to be careful, and there are no bitten vegetables at all. Poison can work not at once, during this time the rat will manage to manage for a while on the site. In this case vegetables will contain poison. It is possible to use supersonic generators of high power: "Chiston-2", "Tornado-400". That rats could not gnaw through wire, it is necessary to establish repellants at some height from floor. Rats like to live under wooden floors. It is possible to install the device just under floor that the ultrasonic repellant influenced the habitat of rats.

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