How to get rid of frogs of the house

How to get rid of frogs of the house

If in your country house or at the dacha there is cellar, then you can come up against situation when there frogs appear. These Amphibia are rather harmless, but such neighbourhood brings many into panic. If you have decided to get rid of frogs in the house, you will be helped by complex preventive actions.

It is required to you

  • - mosquito net;
  • - devices for heating of indoor air.


1. Examine the house, including cellar and other economic rooms. You need to make sure that frogs have really located in the dwelling. Try to find the reason and source of their emergence. Most often frogs appear in those houses near which the pond or other reservoir is located. Also Amphibia love the boggy area.

2. Eliminate indoors the increased humidity. Carefully dry cellar and air. Previously take out its contents from the room. Dry removable wooden parts of design in the sun.

3. Close up indoors all slots and openings, having left only ventilating outlets. It is better to protect them the small grid interfering penetration of Amphibia.

4. Take measures to removal of insects on which Amphibia like to regale. Frogs prefer to be in those places where for them there is suitable forage. They very much love caterpillars of butterflies, slugs, myriapods. Process cellar or other economic rooms the special structures allowing to get rid of insects. It will eliminate one of the reasons of appearance of frogs.

5. Try to hold doors to the room closed. So you will be able to create barrier on the way of penetration of Amphibia. Air rooms of the house more often, trying that air in it always was fresh. Establish on air vents in the house and on windows special mosquito nets. Such preventive measures very well affect frogs.

6. Do not use for removal of frogs the chemical medicines intended for fight against other wreckers, for example, with rats or snakes. Remember that these Amphibia when they live near the house, bring considerable benefit to your economy, destroying mean insects. It is enough to you to take preventive measures which will prevent appearance of frogs in residential building and farm buildings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team