How to get rid of front sights drosophilas

How to get rid of front sights drosophilas

Front sights drosophilas represent little insect, about three millimeters in length. Most often they can be observed near the spoiled fruit, also they eat juice of plants and the decaying plant debris. Practically all faced these insects, first of all in fight against them it is necessary to get rid of the center of their distribution, and further to follow certain action plan.

It is required to you

  • - glass jar,
  • - sheet of paper,
  • - adhesive tape,
  • - aerosol against insects,
  • - potassium permanganate.


1. Front sights drosophilas appear in places of the decaying substance. It can be potato, apples, nuts, packages of grain, jam or compote. Begin fight with search of source of their reproduction and dwelling. Check all packages and tanks of products, the food remains which have got stuck in sink can also become the reason of their distribution. As soon as you find the place of their dwelling, immediately start its elimination.

2. Now it is necessary to destroy all the flying front sights-drosophilas. For this purpose it is possible to make special trap of which they will not be able to get out. This method is good the fact that it is not necessary to apply chemicals, it is harmful to animals and children. Take glass jar and place in it bait, it can be pieces of fruit or compote. Contract funnel from paper and on its tip make small opening. Insert it tip down into throat banks, stick together the place of joint of paper with can adhesive tape. Midges will fly on smell, will get in bank, and it is impossible to be chosen back as it is difficult to find opening, and it is very small.

3. The flying individuals it is possible to destroy special spray or aerosol against insects. After such processing of front sight practically at once will die. But in this case it is necessary to be careful, especially if you have the small child.

4. If plants, most likely, are filled in and process of rotting of roots has begun. The method of dehumidification of the soil in this case will not help, it is necessary to start more radical corrective actions. Water the soil with weak solution of permanganate of potassium or get in flower shop special inteksitsid which needs to be parted according to the instruction and to process the soil. And it is the simplest to replace the earth in pot with new.

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