How to get rid of fungus smell

How to get rid of fungus smell

Unpleasant smell of mold - the problem which is found not only in old houses, but also in modern apartments. Not only that this specific aroma irritates, he still points to availability of fungus which can become source of problems with health.

It is required to you

  • - baking soda;
  • - vinegar;
  • - antifungal cleansers.


1. The fungus is understood as infection of cellular construction material (wood, plaster, cement) with harmful microorganisms. The smell of mold means that somewhere in the house the colony of microorganisms which cause damage to objects, interior blossoms and also can become the cause of diseases. To get rid of unpleasant smell, it is necessary to remove its source first of all. As a rule, the fungus is got in dark crude places which are badly aired.

2. Having found the centers of infection with mold in the apartment, use special antifungal cleanser. Remember that the fungus can get deep into cellular material therefore before processing as much as possible smooth out top layers. Can so deeply strike some objects, such as carpets or wall-paper, mold what to clean them will not turn out any more. Using cleanser, observe safety precautions as active ingredient is poisonous.

3. Also fungus it is possible to kill with use of less aggressive chemistry. Well solution of acetic acid, ammonia solution, bleach, hydrogen peroxide helps. Normal baking soda too successfully destroys fungus. Just spray with soda solution affected areas or wipe them with the sponge, the wetted in solution. By the way, unlike other means of fight against mold, soda is safe for people and animals therefore after processing of surface residues of soda can be not washed away - they will create protection against repeated emergence of fungus.

4. If the fungus has arisen in not indoors, and, for example, on the clothes forgotten in bag, then such way will help to save your things from mold smell: wet the struck things in weak solution of vinegar with water, and then wash with normal laundry detergent. Also there can be useful special means for washing destroying unpleasant smells.

5. The mold appears in those places which lack fresh air. Regularly air your apartment, it not only will save the house from mustiness smell, but also will prevent emergence of fungus. If normal airing does not help, it is possible to use wood charcoal or the same soda. They well absorb foreign smells, just place containers with soda or coal in places of the highest concentration of aroma and do not forget to change their time in few months.

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