How to get rid of horse sorrel

How to get rid of horse sorrel

The horse sorrel if it was got on kitchen garden, is capable to breed in large numbers and pretty fast. This weed very hardy and its powerful root system is capable to select all nutrients at garden plants.

Preventive to meryprezhda than to get rid of the investigation (horse sorrel), it is necessary to get rid of the reason of emergence of this plant on your kitchen garden. Ate horse sorrel grows at you, the soil means sour. Sour reaction of the soil needs to be neutralized and brought to normal indicators lime application. To repeat at least, than in 3-4 years. Otherwise no measures of fight against horse sorrel will help – it will appear again in every spring.

For prevention of emergence of horse sorrel next year it is necessary to clean carefully since fall the soil. Not only ridges, but also row-spacings, footpaths, furrows are cleaned from the vegetable remains. Weeds not only need to be deleted in the summer from ridges that they did not hamper the growth of other cultures, but also it is obligatory to destroy all weeds from the site in the fall. Fall – time of maturing of seeds of horse sorrel and other weeds. If to allow these seeds to ripen and dissipate, next year it is possible to receive rich "harvest" of weeds.

Destruction horse shchavelyapoety horse sorrel should begin to be destroyed in the early spring. Single bushes of horse sorrel can be eradicated manually, having dug out shovel weed together with root. If on kitchen garden not really there is a lot of it, each bush as soon as it begins to sprout from the earth, it is necessary to strew with unslaked lime. Before landing of plants to kitchen garden after this operation there have to be not less than two months. If the kitchen garden has grown with horse sorrel completely in order that to get rid of it, intervention of chemistry is required. It is better to plan total destruction of horse sorrel for fall as, after application of chemical means – herbicides, at least half a year in the processed square it is impossible to put anything. "Tornado", "Hurricane" or "Glyphosate" – herbicides of continuous action which work, both against bichromatic, and against monocotyledonous plants. They will save kitchen garden not only from horse sorrel, but also from all weeds. These medicines contain active ingredient – glyphosate of trimezium. To carry out processing after harvesting and full cleaning of the site, in the morning, surely chemical protection (respirator, gloves, special clothes). Strictly respect medicine consumption rates.

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