How to get rid of icicles on roof

How to get rid of icicles on roof

The icicles formed on the rooftop during thaw constitute huge danger to the people and cars standing near the house. Knowing simple laws of physics, it is possible to count that even the small icicle is capable to gather speed when falling to 60 kilometers per hour, and it can lead to serious consequences. So, what measures to take to get rid of ice icicles on roof?

It is required to you

  • - the de-icing system;
  • - shovel;
  • - heating cable.


1. Precipitation on roof does not present special health hazard and life of people in the form of snow. However under the influence of heat source in the form of bright sun (quite often thawing of snow is created because of heat proceeding from upper floors) conditions for thawing of snow weight which turns into water subsequently are created. If there are no ways of leaving of water from roof, it stiffens at negative temperature and turns into ice. Further ice will only increase, forming icicles of several meters.

2. To get rid of icicles, it is necessary to provide first of all timely and regular cleaning of facade and roof of snow. For this purpose experts have to fence off sites tape and put from below people who will watch safety. If the managing housing company does not fulfill the obligations, it is possible to appeal to the prosecutor's office safely.

3. On roof to well isolated roof often there is thaw. To correct this situation, establish cable only in pipes and eaves gutters (at the rate of fifty Watts on one meter of pipe length).

4. Roofs with bad thermal insulation lead to emergence of above-zero temperature under snow layer. At the same time the water formed after snow thawing gets to cold pipes and freezes in them. That to avoid it, establish additional cable on the edge of roof. The heating cable is established in those places where usually there is formation of sleet.

5. The special de-icing system will allow to get rid of snow and ice icicles on roof. Thanks to this structure, snow will be poured in the small portions, without doing harm to people and the cars parked close. And icicles will crumble, without managing to turn into huge ice blocks, life-threatening people.

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