How to get rid of mold in flowerpots

How to get rid of mold in flowerpots

In flowerpots at frequent watering or change of the soil the white or grayish film can be formed. It is mold or salt raid of which it is quite possible to get rid. If the created adult plants most often do not suffer from it, then young seedling can even die.

It is required to you

  • - good earth;
  • - pot of the smaller size;
  • - the otstoyanny filtered water;
  • - lemon juice or oxalic acid;
  • - pan;
  • - colander.


1. Try to water plant a little less often, to make good drainage, to clean openings in day of pot. It is quite possible that the plant simply does not manage to absorb all water, and it, evaporating from earth surface, forms salt raid. Replace frequent poor waterings with rare, but abundant, with full washing of all soil.

2. If more rare waterings have not helped and it was not succeeded to get rid of mold in pot, replace plant in pot of the smaller size (if you see that roots occupy only part of the earth). It is possible to manage and without full change, just replace top layer of the earth in pot.

3. Carefully wash up pot and rinse boiled water. If there is opportunity, boil it entirely in pan or bucket with water. Then dry, on bottom fill gravel or ground brick to provide drainage.

4. Calcinate Novaya Zemlya before falling asleep in zharochny cabinet or on plate or steam to destroy all microbes and disputes of mold which are available in it. Consider that even the purchased earth is often infected therefore demands additional treatment. To steam the earth, fill it in colander and put over pan with the boiling water. You hold until the earth becomes hotter.

5. Water plant only with soft water. For this purpose pour water in capacity in 1-2 days and leave to be defended. Never water flowers from under the crane – it is very harmful to them. If there is opportunity, miss water via the filter with the ion exchanger – water will be enriched with useful potassium, and chlorine, calcium and magnesium at the same time will become less.

6. Once a month water plants with addition of 1-2 drops of lemon juice on liter. Besides, it is possible to use oxalic acid, but try not to add it too much.

7. Provide normal humidity in the room as the dryness can be one of the raid reasons in flowerpot. The best decision will be to buy ionic humidifier, but it is possible just to leave on heating radiators damp towels for the night.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team