How to get rid of moles on the site

How to get rid of moles on the site

Moles on the site are the real disaster for any gardener-gardener. These small animals dig underpasses, causing irreparable damage to the plants planted on the site. It is possible to cope with moles on the site in several ways.

Moles do not take out vibration and noise

It is considered to be that moles do not transfer noise. To deliver to small animals of trouble and to force them to leave the site, in krotovina it is necessary to thrust armature on which it is necessary to hang up plastic bottle or can. Wind will rotate bottle or to bank on rod of armature and noise and vibration will sound underground. Some gardeners drive banks in which place the cheap Chinese alarm clocks set at 5 in the morning in the earth. It is considered that at this particular time moles are most active.

Moles do not suffer unpleasant pungent smells

Into each krotovina insert wooden stake to find the underpass, and into it and pour in liquid with pungent unpleasant smell. Some gardeners-gardeners infuse on the sun water with the gone fish, and then fill in fetid liquid in krotovina.

There is also one more, less unpleasant way – cultivation on the site of beans. Roots of these plants have specific smell which very much is not pleasant to moles.

 Barriers to rodents

If you became the owner of the site quite recently and suspect that rodents will attempt upon your property, drive on all perimeter of the site the metal gauze with small cells. The depth has to be not less half a meter, and height above the ground - up to 20 cm. Through cells of grid only earthworms will be able to get, and here moles of it will not manage to make. Before putting lawn, on all its area spread the plastic or metal gauze, protecting it from small animals wreckers.


Moles eat larvae the worms and other insects living in their territory. The poisoned grain these cunning small animals is will not become and they will not touch the dead poisoned insects. Interests them only those bugs worms who move, so if you decide to poison bait, then you should try strongly, the bait has to be live and at the same time poisonous.


Poisoning with gas, of course, not the most humane method, however and not the most unpromising. Some owners of sites lower the hose connected to gas cylinder in krotovina, however it is dangerous not only to moles, but also to owners of the site. It is much safer to lower the hose connected to the exhaust pipe of the car in krotovina.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team