How to get rid of moonshine smell

How to get rid of moonshine smell

Self-made alcoholic drink, or simply moonshine, has to be exposed to good cleaning as it contains set of harmful impurity. As a result the unpleasant smell has to disappear and improve considerably flavoring characteristics.

It is required to you

  • - birch ashes,
  • - salt,
  • - manganese,
  • - charcoal filter,
  • - lemon crusts,
  • - partitions of walnuts,
  • - washing soda,
  • - refined sugar,
  • - dry yeast,
  • - oak keg.


1. Add to moonshine the sifted birch ashes and salt from calculation: on 2 parts of alcoholic drink – one part of ashes and 0.5 parts of salt. Filter product and distillate it repeatedly.

2. Pour in warm moonshine in the potassium permanganate divorced in cool boiled water (1-2 g on liter), stir and wait some time. After potassium permanganate drops out in deposit, filter solution and distillate repeatedly.

3. Draw the moonshine which is passed through charcoal filter on lemon crusts. From calculation: crusts of three lemons on moonshine liter.

4. You store the peeled moonshine in oak keg, in several weeks the smell of product is substituted with aroma of tree.

5. Filter self-made alcoholic product through water treatment systems with charcoal filters. Draw drink on partitions of walnuts.

6. Use dry yeast for preparation of moonshine. They do not possess so pungent smell as crude, and promote decrease in concentration of unpleasant aromas.

7. Make self-made drink on the basis of natural raw materials, such as grapes, fruit, starched grain, etc. Do not use sugar beet and its residue in preparation of product.

8. Add to moonshine 8-10 grams of normal washing soda on 1 l of moonshine, mix mix and let it some time stand (half an hour). Then peel moonshine with the potassium permanganate divorced in 50 ml of water, 2 grams on moonshine liter. After reaction ends (30 minutes), again add soda to moonshine, carefully mix and let liquid stand within 10-12 hours. Merge liquid from above, remove deposit.

9. Pour out moonshine in the clean enameled ware, add refined sugar - four pieces on one liter of moonshine, put on weak fire. Heat drink, constantly stirring slowly, up to 70 wasps, remove from fire and cool. Filter moonshine after cooling. Temperature at distillation of components of moonshine should not fall lower than 50 wasps.

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