How to get rid of moth

How to get rid of moth

Today 14 species of moth which can live in apartments, houses are known. To avoid appearance of moth, it is necessary to use lavender roots, eucalyptus leaves, naphthalene, rustic tobacco.

The loss to economy is put by caterpillar of moth. And if in due time not to take measures, then it is necessary to say goodbye to clothes. 

So, to get rid of moth, for example, grain, it is necessary that all food stocks were in densely tied plastic bags or in densely closed banks. This moth develops in heat in the warm room, at the increased humidity and weak ventilation. The cabinet in which this moth is found needs to be processed soap solution, and then to wash with water. All slots and grooves of cabinet have to be missed the mark with vinegar. Until the cabinet completely dries, it has to be open.

And here to struggle with moth of woolen type (fur-coat, felt, koshmovy) it is problematic. Medicines of fight, effective for 100%, it is not created yet. This wrecker is capable to propagate in the apartment, the house during the whole year. Butterflies of this moth are very prolific. And here the caterpillar can starve up to 30 days in search of suitable food. Fight against moth has to begin with reduction of clothes in clean look as the first that eats mol - it is dirty and sweaty spots on clothes fabrics. Therefore before laying things on storage, they have to be washed. Also caterpillars do not take out fresh air and bright sunshine. For this reason those things which rush constantly I cannot be damaged by these wreckers. Putting away the clothes one storage best to use dense cover with anti-molar medicine. Before packing of thing it is necessary to stir up, larvae of moth as they fasten very poorly thereby will be removed. Some time ago, to get rid of moth, used various flammable medicines. But together with extermination of moth it was possible to destroy also things. Today the most effective medicine for scaring away asking the briquette with naphthalene and camphor (4:1) is. These briquettes need to be placed in upper part of wardrobe. Heavy vapors of this mix fall down and do not allow butterfly of moth to postpone larvae on clothes. The only lack of this ancient method is its not safety for human health. Especially it is shown at high concentrations of this medicine. Smaller efficiency at lavender and fir oil.

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