How to get rid of moth in the apartment

How to get rid of moth in the apartment

If you have noticed that you got domestic moth, at once begin to take measures for its destruction. Otherwise the moth will manage to spoil your products or things. Ways of fight against moth depend on the place of its dwelling.

It is required to you

  • Soap solution
  • Means on the basis of dichlorvos
  • Anti-molar medicines
  • Essential oil of orange, fir, carnation, geranium or lavender
  • Sachet with the dried-up lavender, geranium or carnation
  • Orange peels


1. The grain moth is usually got in grain and flour, sometimes in dried fruits. Throw out the products which are strongly spoiled by moth. You can touch and dry those products which are not strongly struck by insects in oven within 15 minutes at temperature of 60 degrees.

2. That the moth in products was not got again, wash with soap solution kitchen cabinet where insects lived. Then well dry cabinet. You store grain and flour to whom the mol, in the closed glass jars or the tied packages from polyethylene can be brought.

3. If you have found mol in cabinet with clothes, first of all touch all things. If on some of things you find larvae of moth, will shake out them on the balcony and let's things hang for a while several hours in the fresh air and the sun. If from larvae caterpillars have managed to hatch, deal shortly with them means on the basis of dichlorvos.

4. Finally it is possible to destroy mol in cabinet by means of special means against moth. The most known means from moth which still our grandmothers used is naphthalene. However recently it has been established that its evaporations can make cancerogenic impact on people. Therefore get better some modern means of fight against moth which naphthalene does not contain. It can be various anti-molar plates, briquettes, tablets or sections placed in cabinet. It is necessary to change them time in half a year.

5. After you managed to bring moth, it is necessary to protect cabinet from new invasion of wreckers. Usually woolen moth is got in the things which are in cabinet on long storage (winter sweaters, outerwear). You store woolen things which you do not carry at present in cabinet only purely washed. Surely process fur coats before the room in cabinet anti-molar means and turn in cover.

6. For scaring away of woolen moth it is not obligatory to use only "chemistry". You can safely apply folk remedies from moth. For example, put the cotton wool piece impregnated with essential oil of orange, fir, carnation, geranium or lavender in cabinet. Instead of essential oil it is possible to use sachet with the dried-up parts of plant (the same lavender, geranium, carnation) or orange peels.

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