How to get rid of nettle

How to get rid of nettle

The nettle is not cultural plant, but grows practically on each seasonal dacha along fences and footpaths. This plant is considered weed more and with it uncompromising struggle is conducted though the nettle and is useful plant which has curative properties. As to get rid of nettle in the kitchen garden?

It is required to you

  • - Mattock,
  • - braid,
  • - potash salt,
  • - table salt,
  • - Raundap or ""Tornado"".


1. To get rid of the bothered nettle on your homestead site, it is necessary to process carefully and deeply the soil by means of mattock, cutting off at the same time as much as possible roots. It is the best of all to delete plant completely, pulling out nettle together with roots then put it in big heaps and set fire or put in compost pits. This process is quite labor-consuming as roots of nettle are connected among themselves throughout several meters. Therefore to get rid of nettle a lot of time and efforts will be required.

2. To get rid of nettle in hotbeds, often use 30-40% solution of potash salt with which spray plants. But in this case it is impossible to tell with 100% confidence that this measure will be effective. But nevertheless it is worth trying this method of fight against weed-nettle.

3. On those sites where the soil is not subject to deep processing, it is recommended to mow nettle regularly. The soil which is littered with nettle can be mulched by means of loose or ukryvny material. In the presence of thick layer, the nettle will not be able just to sprout. Regularly mown lawn will not help nettle to flourish and develop. You should not forget that the nettle is one of the most useful plants which has self-willedally lodged on your site.

4. If all of you have decided to exhaust once and for all nettle from the kitchen garden, you will be helped by all means by such medicines as "Tornado" and Raundap. These means will help to cope not only with nettle, but also practically with all weeds. It is checked – works.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team