How to get rid of plant louse on cucumbers

How to get rid of plant louse on cucumbers

In the summer on our kitchen gardens together with the first harvest also numerous wreckers appear. Especially it is always a pity to look at how they turn healthy plants in patients who can die over time. Wreckers and all do not avoid favourite cucumbers. On cucumbers several types of wreckers can be got, but most these vegetables are worked great mischief by plant louse.

The plant louse on cucumbers appears in the middle of the summer and represents little almost transparent insects who very quickly breed and can ruin plant for only a few days. Therefore if have noticed appearance of plant louse on cucumbers, begin fight against this wrecker at once.

How to struggle with plant louse on cucumbers

If the plant louse on your cucumbers became much, then it is better to carry out spraying of plants by chemical medicines, for example Fitoverm or AntaVir. Spraying is made after harvesting in morning or evening hours in windless not rainy weather. Medicines apply according to the instruction, and surely use personal protective equipment. After use of chemistry, several days are better not to collect cucumbers.

If on plants the plant louse has only appeared and you have noticed her enough in time will be to carry out some scheduled maintenance or to use folk remedies.

Folk remedies for fight against plant louse on cucumbers

The leaves of cucumbers covered with plant louse wipe with damp rag and by that insects to it stick. It is also possible to water with soap – the plant louse does not love it and will leave your plants.

Among grass means the special application was found by infusion of bitter wormwood. For cucumbers add horse sorrel to wormwood, fill in with boiled water and leave for 3-4 days. Then mix with laundry soap and spray plants.

It is also possible to use other infusion – from nettle and pharmaceutical camomile. Plants fill in with boiled water too and leave for day. Then carry out processing of the infected leaves.

Even for fight against plant louse on cucumbers you will be helped also by other plants having harmful impact on these insects wreckers: dandelion, yarrow, sage, celandine, mustard powder. As a rule all these infusions are prepared by means of boiled water and soaking. It is possible to add tobacco dust to some of them and laundry soap is obligatory. But all more plant louse does not transfer smell and taste of garlic. Its heads which are small cut ret in capacity, leave under oppression for one week and then water all cucumbers, and even healthy.

 Each gardener himself chooses that option of fight against plant louse on cucumbers which is more available to it and can be implemented.

Preventive actions against plant louse

First of all it is necessary to remember that the plant louse spends winter time on the remains of plants on your kitchen garden. Therefore surely delete all tops of vegetable and even leaves from your personal plot in the fall, and better just burn.

During the season of maturing of cucumbers also delete the dried and whithered leaves. Try to attract on kitchen garden of insects who eat plant louse, for example ladybug or zhurchalka.

Special attention should be paid to fight against friends of plant louse – garden ants. For this purpose use either chemical medicines, or folk remedies, and it is possible to water ant hills with boiled water just regularly.

Constantly you loosen the earth under cucumbers and in time reap crop. Abundant and regular watering will also make fruitful impact on these insects wreckers.

Generally fight against plant louse needs to be carried out qualitatively during the whole season and the result will not leave you indifferent.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team