How to get rid of raid

How to get rid of raid

The raid on objects of use is formed for various reasons. On the things contacting to water the red raid – rust, on walls – mold meets more often, these are only the most frequent reasons of formation of raid. It is possible to get rid of it in the mechanical way or by means of various means.

1. The rusty raid in teapot, washing and dish washer can be deleted with citric acid. In teapot fill 2 packs of acid then boil water and let's it stand, then once again boil, and pour out water. Wash out teapot. In washing or dish washer fill up 100 gr. citric acid. Start in the single mode (without linen or ware). Instead of citric acid it is possible to use various antisludge agents which are on sale in shops.

2. The rusty raid on sink can be removed with mix of citric acid and soda. Mix components in proportion 1 to 1 and clean. At contact with water, mix begins to foam, but it does not affect result in any way.

3. The raid can be removed from mold by means of water and bleaching powder. Wash out carefully walls, it is desirable to do solution strong, then rinse water and air the room.

4. The raid on furniture from condensate has white shade, easily is removed cleaning agent for ware, then liquid for cleaning of glasses - for disposal of strips. It is possible to use special means for cleaning of furniture, but it is desirable those that do not incorporate wax.

5. The raid cannot almost be removed from nicotine and soot. Wipe furniture with cleaning agents. If wall-paper can be washed, then and them too. For this purpose use any soap, not aggressive solution (without acids). Then carefully rinse clear water, otherwise white strips can be formed. If the ceiling is painted by aqueous emulsion ink, then it can only be recoloured. All types of the washing ceiling can be washed glass cleaner and soap solution.

6. For removal of raid it is possible to use special means which are on sale in shops. On each of them there is mark as as it is necessary to clean. Perhaps, it is the most optimal variant, all modern means for removal of raid not only help to get rid of it, but also give protective film which interferes with formation of new layer of raid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team