How to get rid of rodents

How to get rid of rodents

Rodents - the animals, meanest to the person. They are carriers of such dangerous diseases as mouse fever, encephalitis, etc. Rodents begin to show big activity in city conditions during the autumn and winter period when they on the street come cold and food becomes less. Then residential building becomes the perfect place for their dwelling. Having found the suitable place for existence, rodents begin to remove posterity. Many find these ""lodgers"" not at once. If you have noticed signs of dwelling of these uninvited guests, immediately take measures.

1. The mousetrap – the most tested and reliable remedy for fight against rodents. If after capture of several mice rodents do not come across even the most appetizing bait any more, in that case drench the mousetrap with abrupt boiled water, well air, then mice will go to bait again.

2. Mice do not take out mint smell. Spread out the dried-up bunches of stalks in places of their dwelling.

3. For catching of rodents kindle 2 parts of fat and add to it 5-8 parts of flour and 3-4 parts of carbonic barium. Roll weight in small balls and put in places where mice are found.

4. Cover expected holes of rodents with cement solution with sand and pounded glass.

5. Fill in rat holes and about them powder of chloride calcium.

6. Put ware with unslaked lime, mix with it malt and sugar, and nearby – other ware with water, the rat will eat the lime making thirsty, will drink water and will die.

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