How to get rid of seaweed

How to get rid of seaweed

Many aquarians who are especially beginning conduct unequal fight against seaweed. These plants can captivate aquarium and even to force its owner to throw the hobby. That it has not occurred, it is necessary not just to scrape off seaweed from leaves of plants and walls of aquarium, and to constantly follow several simple rules.


1. Put aquarium there where on it direct sunlight will not fall. Direct beams of the sun give too much energy, as a result of alga strongly expand. Aquarian plants will have enough also smaller light.

2. Perform inspection of aquarian plants. If they are infected with seaweed, it is better to throw out them and to buy new. But it is impossible to buy plants from aquariums in which you see seaweed. Otherwise all of them will remove to you. If you plant the plants bought in pots carefully wash out roots. They grow in nutritious solution which will promote reproduction of seaweed.

3. Regularly change water in aquarium. Optimum frequency – every two weeks. It will help to delete all waste and nutrients for voldorosly in time. At the same time regulate water pH. Its size has to fluctuate ranging from 6.8 up to 7.2). In specialized shops, special devices for measurements are on sale.

4. Pick up the correct illumination of aquarium. It has to be sufficient for the sizes of aquarium and volume of the water which is contained in it. Too strong light will lead to growth of seaweed.

5. Every day control emergence of seaweed and if necessary delete them. Put in aquarium of snails: they eat seaweed. It is possible to settle small fishes who eat seaweed. This is the guppy, the Siamese man with a big mustache, sword-bearers, black mollineziya, petsilliya and others. It is possible to put brass coin in water, it promotes cleaning.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team