How to get rid of smell of leather footwear

How to get rid of smell of leather footwear

If you have bought new shoes, and from them there is unpleasant smell, then know - it is low-quality skin or leatherette. But you should not throw out, of course, footwear, it is enough to make a few efforts to get rid of smell.

It is required to you

  • - cotton wool or cotton pads;
  • - soap;
  • - flour;
  • - sea salt.


1. If shoes from genuine leather, then they allocate light smell of skin as though it was the new leather bag or jacket. With this smell do nothing – to air product enough. but if you the person very sensitive, then use deodorant. Over time this smell will leave.

2. In case of application for production of products of low-quality skin or use of leatherette of shoe or boots will exude very unpleasant smell. In this case try to air footwear. Prepare that it is necessary to do it often: for once the smell will not disappear.

3. Resort to "national advice". Wash out footwear warm soapsuds.

4. Further wipe with vinegar and wash with soap anew.

5. After all done procedures, dry and carefully air footwear.

6. There is one more national method: fill inside ordinary baby powder or flour. Wait hour or two then vacuum carefully footwear from within. It is also possible to use soda, activated carbon or sea salt, having left it till the morning.

7. Then wipe with rag to collect soda.

8. Just replace insole as that can be the cause of smell, made of low-quality material. Change for the insoles made of natural materials or use special insoles with layer from coal. Such look is good the fact that they are capable to absorb moisture and can prevent emergence of unpleasant smell. Also on sale there are specialized flavored insoles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team