How to get rid of sparrows on the site

How to get rid of sparrows on the site

Sparrows on the site can, both to please summer residents, and to create it additional problems. It depends on the period of life of these birds. So, for example, during bringing up of little baby birds the sparrows save kitchen garden from insects, bugs and other wreckers. Unfortunately, they like to peck harvest too.


1. If the bird was moved only on one or several beds, and does not touch others, pull thread between the pegs hammered into the earth. However this adaptation can disturb you in care for plants. If you want to improve kitchen garden and garden, use grids on framework. With their help it is possible to protect not only beds from invasion of sparrows, but also fruit-trees. In the latter case strengthen grid from below that birds could not fly on them.

2. Among other things, use the acoustic device which buy in shop. The similar device allows to frighten off not only sparrows and other birds, but also moles and voles.

3. If desired you can make the acoustic device independently. For this purpose take cans of lemonade or beer, cut out from them tapes and suspend. At accent the friend about the friend they will make sounds which frighten off birds. And reflected in the tin film sun creates patches of light unpleasant to bird's eye.

4. For scaring away of sparrows hang out on fruit-trees recorder tapes from cartridges or the daisy "rain" which has remained of new year. Surprisingly but this system works.

5. Do not forget about scarecrow which was established in gardens and kitchen gardens still for a long time. To make scarecrow, take: • Long and short pole; • Old clothes; • Linen bag; • Straw; • Buttons.

6. So, connect two poles in the form of cross, fill old clothes straw and hang up on ready design. Now take linen bag and sew on it "face" scarecrow. Use for this purpose buttons. Also fill bag straw. It was necessary only to decorate your Strashila on the taste and to wait for result.

7. Of course, there are many other various devices which will allow to get rid about sparrows on the site, but all above-mentioned has to be enough to forget about this problem once and for all.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team