How to get rid of stuff

How to get rid of stuff

In any house, unnecessary things appear over time. They are removed on mezzanine and to storerooms or they become dusty on shelves and take the place in cabinets. To expand living space in the house and to make room for the necessary things, it is necessary to get rid of stuff regularly.


1. Get rid of old things with benefit for the family budget. Critically evaluate things which you do not use: the old equipment, apparatuses which has got out of fashion outerwear, etc. Advertize in sale in the local newspaper or publish these data on the Internet, for example, on the website Do not try to sell things more expensively. Your purpose is to save the house from objects which are not necessary to you, but still can be useful to someone.

2. Bring order to the storeroom, clothes lockers, dressers and on mezzanines. Sort all things on four groups. What you cannot do without will enter into the first group. Things which you use from time to time belong to the second group. The third group is a not used things which it grieves you to throw out. At once send objects from the fourth group to garbage bag.

3. Take not used thing and wonder when you last time used it. Whether you will use this thing in the near future? Whether you love it? Do you have the same thing of the best quality? Whether she causes some positive emotions in you? These questions will help you to leave without regrets even expensive, but unnecessary things for which you do not feel sentimental affection.

4. Bring order to linen cabinet. Throw out all torn towels and sheets. Do not leave them on rags. Cotton fabric not so well absorbs moisture and cleans off dirt as sponge or microfiber.

5. Carry out audit in crockery cabinet. Get rid of all cups and plates with cracks and chips. It is also necessary to throw out incomplete tea couples and pans with the peeled-off enamel.

6. Think of any number from 10 to 20 and walk on the apartment with garbage bag. Your task is to pack the thought number of unnecessary things and to send them to garbage can. If to repeat this simple method of times a month, it will save your house from the growing stuff congestions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team