How to get rid of the small cream growing from tree root

How to get rid of the small cream growing from tree root

The young growth going from roots of plum tree causes considerable problems to gardeners. Especially if on the site several plums grow. During the summer the garden can turn into impassable thicket on belt.

Young plum escapes differ in extraordinary survivability, speed of distribution and growth. It is possible to destroy them only for a while. In month - another they grow with bigger force again. The absolute majority of plum trees is allocated with this ability – to extend young growth to all nearby territory. But under certain conditions growth of small cream becomes more active. It is promoted by the following factors.

Damage of root

If you dug over the soil under plum and have unintentionally damaged root, wait for young growth "epidemic". Even slightly damaged root of plum tree at once puts out set of limbs. Therefore it is undesirable to dig over the soil under plum. It is the best of all to zamulchirovat it wood bark or coniferous needles.

Cutting of krone

The procedure for cutting of krone for plum tree is reason for the beginning of education of abundant young growth too. The cutting is stronger, the more young escapes from root form tree. Here the law of self-preservation comes into force. Cutting of plum should be carried out very carefully, deleting only the dried-up, sick and damaged branches. By the way, if the tree or its part have for some reason dried up, it will lead to education of new young growth too.

Ways of disposal

The simplest – mechanical. The young growth in the spring or at the beginning of summer can be cut off secateurs, to mow or cut down hatchet. But on it fight against young growth does not come to an end but only begins. As each damaged young escape will awaken in root system at once several active points of growth which at once will give new young growth. It turns out, the to more cut off young cream, the more them it is formed. Therefore it is necessary to cut down and cut young growth correctly. At first it is necessary to dig out accurately the earth and to reach root which "has generated" young growth. Then it is the careful, closest to root, it is necessary to remove with sharp secateurs escape, trying not to leave stump. Cover cut with oil paint or the garden thief and again cover with earth. And so with each young slivka. If have overgrown too much, the mechanical way of removal does not approach. It is necessary to use chemical medicines. Especially it is relevant when old plum is cut, and the young growth is formed around it. Even grubbing of stub as young escapes will grow from the remains of roots for a long time does not help. In this case it is possible to resort to the medicines intended for fight against weeds (Tersan, Rankor and others). But in the soil processed by these medicines it is impossible to grow up garden plants within two years. Therefore the safest means from chemical – Raundap herbicide. They can process young growth in the fall. Medicine burns green part of plant and decays in the soil on harmless connections. Already in half a year, in the spring, the site can be used for landings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team