How to get rid of the wireworm in kitchen garden

Zhuk-shchelkun rather has bothered gardeners because potato with holes as a result turns out. To get rid of the wireworm as call this wrecker, for 100% it will not turn out, but it is possible to reduce some measures its quantity on beds.

It is required to you

  • - potassium permanganate;
  • - ashes;
  • - lime;
  • - fishing line.


1. For disposal of the wireworm observe the high level of agrotechnology. It nothing but timely weeding, and, especially, pull out all wheat grass.

2. It is possible to destroy the wireworm redigging. As it is not dug in deeply to the earth for the winter, and on 10-20 cm, there is probability that the bug will freeze.

3. During growth of potatoes do not forget to loosen more often soil in row-spacings. It will definitely not be pleasant to the wireworm.

4. Carry out soil lime application, it will help to get rid of the wireworm quickly. Zhuk-shchelkun loves sour soils.

5. If the site small, try when landing potatoes to throw into each hole on ashes handful. It will stop wireworm larvae from damage of tubers.

6. When landing it is possible to pour 0.5 l of solution of potassium permanganate into each hole, and still to process it landing tubers in advance. You part 5 g on 10 l of water. The wireworm perishes from potassium permanganate.

7. Use baits – take potatoes pieces, tie with fishing line, dig on depth of 5-15 cm, water in dry weather. And later couple of days pull out for fishing line, for certain you will find yellow larvae of bug-shchelkuna which vgryzlis in potato. Of course, this way of destruction of the wireworm labor-consuming is also useful only on the site in 2-3 hundred parts.

8. Observe crop rotation, put siderata – plants which increase fertility of the soil and by that suppress development of the wireworm. It is, for example, mustard. Or let's the soil have a rest, having sowed the site grass, for example clover. But only not grain, they, on the contrary, will promote distribution of the wrecker.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team