How to get rid of tobacco smell in the apartment

How to get rid of tobacco smell in the apartment

The non-smoking person very sensitively reacts to smell of tobacco which is deeply absorbed in furniture and textiles. Smoking harmful affects human health. Especially harmfully to children to breathe tobacco smoke. Therefore if you were installed to the apartment where former owners smoked, then it is necessary to eliminate smell of cigarettes quickly.

  • - special cleaning agents;
  • - vinegar;
  • - ammonia solution;
  • - wet towels and sheets;
  • - bay leaf.

1. Wash the floors water in which it is necessary to part ammonia solution. Put in the room of plateau with ususy. Hang out wet sheets or big towels on the apartment. You carry out such procedure in hot flying weather when on the street the humidity is lower, than indoors. Then molecules of water will absorb in themselves smell of cigarettes and will disappear. The smell of tobacco is deeply absorbed in cracks and slots. Wipe furniture with the flavored polish.

2. Remove and wash all textiles - curtains, covers and capes just for decoration. Upholstered furniture is especially sensitive to smells. Process it special means for upholstery. Curtains and capes put in basin with warm water, add half-tablespoon of vinegar and powder. Leave for hour, then wash in the normal way and carefully to propoloskayta.

3. Wash ashtray from the remains of cigarettes. Dry up and put in it bay leaf and set fire to it. Spice will eliminate caustic smell of tobacco. Walk on all rooms with the set on fire bay leaf.

4. Process the surfaces of the room bleaching powder. Dissolve it in warm water and wash the floor and walls where it is possible. Knight bleaching powder solution in spray also spray it in air. Then air the room. Open rather narrowly windows and doors of the apartment.

5. Light indoors the aromalamp or aroma. Choose smell which is pleasant also on it at you and your domotsadets there is no allergy. Every evening you carry out such procedure, and soon the smell completely will disappear. Except that aromatic oil and candle work rasslablyayushche and soothingly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team