How to get rid of unpleasant smells indoors

How to get rid of unpleasant smells indoors

It is good when surrounding smells are pleasant. They weaken, lighten the mood, tune into communication. Unpleasant aromas pull down the harmonious atmosphere and spoil mood. With them it is possible and it is necessary to fight.

It is required to you

  • Air freshener, aromatic sticks, essential oils, citrus crusts


1. Get rid of source of unpleasant smell. Household unpleasant smells usually arise from use of paints, varnishes, some powders for cleaning of household appliances and glues. Often unpleasant smells proceed from new furniture or wall-paper. They can arise in kitchen and also arrive to the apartment from the street. Of course, that paint has dried and furniture has disappeared there has to pass some time, and it is possible to be protected from street smells, having only closed window. But it is possible to get rid of other unpleasant aromas.

2. Use natural air fresheners, aromatic sticks, candles. Open at the same time window and arrange draft. It is possible to use the aromalamp or to make damp cleaning, having added several drops of any citrus or pine essential oil to water.

3. Hang up in the room or on door opening damp terry towels. It is so possible to remove smell of cigarettes. And if to put the lit aromatic candle when you have in the house smoking guests near ashtray, then cigarette smoke will not be such caustic and will leave the room much quicker after airing.

4. Delete kitchen unpleasant aromas by means of the burning dry citrus crusts. Then air the room and enjoy freshness. It is possible to boil several minutes any fragrant plant which is pleasant to you, for example, sage, mint, lavender, etc.

5. Eliminate unpleasant smell in the Chinese way. Make several sacks of natural unbleached linen and fill them with ordinary tea leaves. Then fix them in door openings, under chandeliers or at windows and arrange draft for 20 minutes. Air in the apartment will become clean and fresh.

6. If unpleasant smells proceed from new furniture, then take advice of careful hostesses. Put either coffee beans, or vanilla pod, or dried citrus crusts in linen sacks.

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