How to get rid of wasps

How to get rid of wasps

Wasps – insects useful. They are beautiful pollinators of garden and kitchen garden. But if wasps have built nest near the house or on the balcony not to subject herself and members of household to risk to be stung, it is necessary to get rid of them.

It is required to you

  • - fly swatter;
  • - vacuum cleaner;
  • - shampoo or liquid soap;
  • - essential oil of mint or melissa;
  • - spray from wasps;
  • - trap for wasps.


1. If wasps fly to the apartment, it is possible to struggle with them, as well as with other flying insects, by means of fly swatter. But in case with wasps, unlike flies, it is necessary to be attentive – protecting itself, the wasp can painfully sting. To the spring period when wasps only leave hibernation, they fly hardly, mainly slowly creep. The fly swatter will cope with such copies better and if it is several wasps, they can be drained in the vacuum cleaner.

2. Flowers, sweet drinks and food in open access in your kitchen will surely attract wasps if their slot is nearby. You should not leave on table of vase with jam, honey, open sugar bowl and other "treat" for uninvited guests. By the way, even perfume with sweet smell can attract these insects.

3. And here the smell of mint of wasp is not loved and are even afraid. If you are overcome by wasps, drip several drops of essential oil of mint or melissa in the aromalamp or mix 3 ml of oil from 500 ml of water and spray the received liquid indoors. This spray is harmless to skin, and you gain double effect – aromatherapy and disposal of wasps.

4. If you know where there is hornet's nest, and wish to destroy as much as possible individuals, part 50 ml of liquid soap or shampoo in 500 ml of hot water. This means needs to be put or sprayed directly on insects. It is possible to use chemical means for the guaranteed killing of wasps. They are issued in barrels and are on sale in specialized shops. The barrel is sprayed on hornet's nest, and all colony is destroyed.

5. If radical ways not for you, it is possible to put trap for wasps. Traps are on sale in shop too. They contain bait which attracts wasps. You should not hang up trap indoors, but on the balcony or external wall of the house it is possible to use it. The trap construction the hands is also possible. For this purpose the plastic two-liter bottle is cut across so that part from neck has made one third, and part with bottom – two thirds. In part with bottom sugar syrup, honey, cooking is poured. The neck is wiped with odourless sunflower oil and inserted into half of bottle in which syrup is poured. This trap can be suspended on window outside that wasps did not fly to the house.

6. At night it is possible, having found hornet's nest, it is simple to get rid of it, having removed from wall and having tied densely in linen bag. The bag should be lowered after that in hot water. It is not necessary to include small lamp at the same time – all operation should be done in the dark. After removal of the slot periodically check this place because on it wasps can soon build the new dwelling.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team