How to get rid of wasps at the dacha

How to get rid of wasps at the dacha

Disposal of importunate insects seldom is easy. Wasps in this sense are not exception. They are frequent guests on seasonal dachas since roofs of houses and cottages are the perfect place for their slot, and the fruit and berries growing in the territory are the best for them food. Peacefully it is possible to get on with wasps not always. People often have desire to get rid of such neighbourhood.

To get rid the easiest of hornet's nest in the spring when insects only begin to build the house. At this time they still are not enough, and the slot the size does not exceed walnut. If in time to find it, then it is possible to cut off and destroy the slot fearlessly. Wasps will not be able to do you harm. Having arrived to the place where there was their lodge, they will roam and will fly away to other place.

Another matter if it is required to destroy colony of wasps in the summer when the slot is built up, turns great number of the insects becoming aggressive at approach of the person around. In that case, the easiest to use special means, such as Troapsil, "Moskitol Protection against wasps", etc. Lack of these medicines it is possible to call strong toxicity therefore it is necessary to use them out of premises. Also it is necessary to remember that it is necessary to etch wasps in the evening when all of them are flown to the house to lodging for the night. In the afternoon spraying will yield few results as the majority of wasps will not be to slots and when they return, will become very aggressive, without having found the slot. If it is convenient to approach hornet's nest, it is possible to throw it with dense package or bag, having driven it edges into the corner. Then it is necessary to scatter any insecticide inside and again densely to press. Edges can be recorded adhesive tape or the stapler. In hour it is possible to remove bag and to cut off the slot.

At destruction of slots, it is necessary to remember own safety. It is necessary to put on dense clothes with long sleeves, it is necessary to protect hands gloves, and the person – any bandage. If there is no access to hornet's nest, for example, when it is in roof, it is possible to use the medicine "GETT". It is issued in the form of ointment. It is necessary to smear with Gett opening through which wasps pass to the slot. They will bring part of medicine with themselves on paws and, after a while, it will lead to extinction of all individuals. One more way is to spill any insecticide water-melon crust and to put it near the slot. Wasps will regale on treat and will die. They will become much less, but the slot will remain whole. Wasps like to do slots on the place of the old settlements. Therefore after its destruction, it is necessary to grease the place of fastening of the slot with vinegar, kerosene or to paint over oil paint.

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