How to get rid of weeds by means of flowers

How to get rid of weeds by means of flowers

There are usual ways of fight against weeds, and is ""cunning"" which do not demand application of chemistry and wearisome weedings

One of ways - replacement of weeds by flowers. Many have already understood that it very effective and effective, and does not demand too big time and material inputs. On the contrary – at such way both time, and money are saved.

By means of this way it is possible to get rid of weeds behind fence, along paths and in hard-to-reach spots. Agree that it is important not to worry that because of fence on your site seeds of weeds will arrive or will creep over shoots. And if the planted flowers begin to extend strongly too – to remove them much quicker, than any weed.

What flowers force out weeds

  • Ordinary narcissus. The grade – the better because it will not demand special care is simpler. If to put him behind fence – not to think up the best protection. It grows at dense curtain, expands independently, looks very esthetically during blossoming and later. The narcissus is also put along paths, combining with kosmey which also breeds self-sowing. Such neighbourhood provides continuous blossoming. Very useful and beautiful cunning!
  • If it is necessary to fight against weeds in shadow – best of all to put lilies of the valley. Their fibrillose roots will force out any weeds. Especially as the look and smell of these flowers will please eye all season too. He is unpretentious, well breeds, grows even in zamokaniye conditions. But it is difficult to get rid of it too therefore think before putting.
  • In shadow also plant melissa which does not demand special representation. Beauty and double advantage – here what is melissa. Not only that it will force out weeds – it can be collected and added to tea.
  • On South side we put chistets woolly (sheep ears) with powerful root system and also beautiful lavender which forms large bushes under which nothing grows. The sage and hyssop will force out even sow-thistle which is considered invincible. And meanwhile it is herbs.
  • One more assistant – border iris which practically does not require attention. Or daylily, unpretentious and not subject to diseases, however very beautiful.
  • If there are on the site crude places – put This handsome expands and forces out weeds. He is very decorative and if to put lupines of different flowers – it there will be just rainbow on the earth. At the same time he improves structure of the soil.
  • If you need cardinal measures against weeds – plant goldenrod Canadianwhich forces out everything, removes any plants from the way. If he strongly is fond", it will be very simple to remove him – it is necessary to pull out plants only.
  • It is possible to carry to "heavy artillery" also coneflower which strongly expands and blossoms in yellow-orange colors, very bright. Here we will carry aster long-term (frost, sentyabrinka). However these plants are so aggressive that it is better to plant them behind dense fence.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team