How to get rid of wood lice

How to get rid of wood lice

Wood lice quite often appear in apartments. Their neighbourhood is unpleasant and causes irritation. The main place of dislocation of wood lice – the bathroom and toilet. It is possible to get rid of them if to follow simple rules and to use useful recommendations.

Reasons of emergence of wood lice

If wood lice were got in the apartment, so in this room all conditions are created for their existence. What prefer these arthropods? Availability of fossils. It is worth not to taking out several days the garbage and wood lice with pleasure will come crawling to your house. Old paper and the dirt which has accumulated in far corners is also considered quite edible food.

However the main source of emergence of wood lice in the apartment the dampness is considered. Hygrophilous wood lice in the dry aired room have extremely some chances of existence. Especially well arthropods in the bathroom feel.

Drying of linen after washing in the bathroom only increases chances of reproduction of wood lice.

Also existence of wood lice depends on light. At them, as well as at cockroaches, negative fototaxis. By the light of they try to hide in any slots. The question of their presence will not arise if indoors there are few dark corners and not liquidated slots.

Useful tips

There is set of councils how to get rid of wood lice in premises. For example, it is possible to scatter table salt on corners or to spray solution of boric acid. As effective option which will help to get rid of wood lice in the apartment serves the following recipe. Mix small pinch of soda ash with tobacco dust and chili powder. Fill in all components with 1 glass of water. Spray with ready means all corners of the room. After that in 5-6 hours process all surfaces weak solution of chloric lime. In a day you will notice lack of wood lice in the apartment. To finish with the bothered wood lice forever, without excess expenses and quickly, it is possible to advise chemical method. Indoors, where wood lice live, in small bucket or basin unslaked lime which needs to be filled in with water quickly is put. After that the door is densely closed. It is dangerous to be there. The terrible smell can cause different consequences, both slight dizziness, and poisoning. It is possible to come into the room in 2-3 days. Will die from such chemical attack of wood louse.

It should be noted that this method is not safe, and it is not recommended in the presence in the apartment of children and pets.

If independently it is impossible to cope with wood lice at you, invite to the room of staff of the sanitary station. They will carry out disinsection of the apartment. It is necessary to pay for such visit, but you will have guarantee that wood lice will not disturb you any more.

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