How to get rid of young growths of cherry

How to get rid of young growths of cherry

Some kornesobstvenny grades of cherry form over time wild young growth which expands on all garden and does not yield fruits. The quantity of new sprouts can increase when freezing branches, superficial watering and as a result of damages of root system or crown. Exempt the site from cherry thickets and present new life to maternal tree.

It is required to you

  • - shovel;
  • - axe;
  • - garden var;
  • - slate or dense cardboard;
  • - herbicides.


1. The expanded young growth of cherry takes away for the growth all nutrients from the soil, because of it the harvest of berries on tree considerably decreases, and even vanishes at all. You should not lay hopes for new cherry bushes as it is the wild young growth which is not yielding fruits. The safest, effective and popular method of destruction of thickets of cherry – regular fight against the appeared sprouts by means of shovel and the axe. Try to delete escapes immediately after their emergence, do not give them the chance to gain strength.

2. It is not enough to cut off escapes by means of secateurs at the basis as in the soil there are small stumps with young kidneys from which new, even more powerful children will begin to grow. Late fall or dig out coppice escapes in the early spring to that place where they begin to depart from horizontal cherry roots. Chop off them in this place the axe, do not leave stumps. Grease the place of felling with the special garden thief that here more nothing has grown. Cover the dug-out holes with earth.

3. In due time remove the fallen-down berries from under cherry tree, otherwise wild bushes will grow from stones. It is possible to limit germination of zaroslevy escapes by means of dense cardboard or sheets of slate, having dug them on half-meter under the earth under cherry. Development of young growth is slowed down also by landing by number of shady tree (maple, linden or chestnut).

4. With extra care it is necessary to use herbicides as it is possible to do harm to maternal tree for destruction of escapes of cherry. Besides, the probability that on the place of one killed of escape several new will grow is high. Cardinal way of destruction of thickets of cherry – deep redigging of the site by the tractor or the excavator. But this option is suitable not for each site and way not from cheap.

5. Unfortunately, for the present have not thought up absolute method of removal of young growth of cherry once and for all. Therefore before you there is choice – to conduct constant fight against offsprings of cherry or to get rid completely of old plantings and to put the new grades which are not giving coppice escapes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team