How to glue false eyelashes in house conditions

How to glue false eyelashes in house conditions

end of seductive female image it is possible to resort to the help of false eyelashes. They are pasted on upper eyelid special glue. The look at the same time becomes more expressive that draws attention of people around.

Types of false eyelashes

Happen tape and puchkovy. On the used material: natural, artificial, decorative and reusable.

False eyelashes can keep from two hours to several days. Everything depends on quality of eyelashes, glue and technology of attachment. False eyelashes do not love sharp temperature drops, the increased humidity, strong wind, heat and cold. First of all edges come unstuck, and here the middle keeps much longer.

As it is correct to paste eyelashes of tape type

  1. Before the procedure of gluing of eyelashes do the main make-up: shadows, eyeliner, ink, liquid foundation, etc.
  2. Preparation of false eyelashes lean against upper eyelid. If it is a little longer, truncate it accurately scissors, if desired it is possible to cut also hairs.
  3. By means of toothpick put glue strip on edge of tape, wait for couple of seconds. Then accurately attach the film to upper eyelid most close to the eyelashes, beginning from outer edge of eye. For updating of the film it is possible to use usual tweezers.

As it is correct to paste eyelashes of puchkovy type

  1. On each bunch drip a little glue.
  2. Bunches are attached most close to growth of eyelashes at distance of 1 mm.
  3. Begin to glue eyelashes from outer edge of eye to internal. Generally puchkovy eyelashes are glued approximately to the middle.

As it is correct to remove false eyelashes

It is necessary to remove eyelashes extremely accurately, first, not to do harm to eyes, secondly, to prolong service life of your cilia.

  1. Apply cosmetic oil or fat cream on cotton pad. Carry out by disk from eye, external to internal corner.
  2. Without excess pressings gradually unfasten false eyelashes. You store them in special container.
  3. Wash face warm water, especially pay attention to eyes to wash away residues of glue.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team