How to glue oracal

How to glue oracal

The self-adhesive film of Oracal is intended for scenery of different products, production of inscriptions and marking, is widely used in advertizing. Also this film has found the application and on transport. With its help it is possible to change color of the car, to hide cosmetic defects on body.

It is required to you

  • - oracal;
  • - soft and rigid squeegees;
  • - model knife or scalpel;
  • - centimeter;
  • - industrial hair dryer.


1. If you have decided to cover with film of Oracal the car, then first of all carefully prepare all surface. Dismantle door handles, headlights, door locks and other elements. Carefully clean all surface of body. Wash the car in manual or automatic washing. To remove all pollution, carefully wipe car body with isopropyl alcohol. Pay special attention to those places on the car where there can be lubricant traces.

2. Process car body surface from spray, using solution of water and cleaning agent. Solution prepare in the ratio 1 liter of water and 45 ml of cleaning agent. Apply so much liquid that solution flew down from body. Then let's body dry - 30 minutes are required. After drying clean body with isopropyl alcohol where the film at you will be tucked and also in places of deepenings.

3. Drawing film. sposobmontazh best of all do films dry in the clean warm dry room. Trace that the film was the room temperature (20 °C). Prepare tools: squeegees soft and rigid, model knife or scalpel, centimeter, the hair dryer (it is better industrial, but it is possible to use also household), soft fabric. Agree with the assistant as to one to perform this work very difficult. Measure (with stock) and cut off material of the size necessary to you. Put, swore on table facedown. Then at an angle 30 degrees accurately remove substrate.

4. Slightly pull and apply material to the pasted-over part of body of the car, in the top corners record film, just press down it to body surface finger.

5. Using squeegee, roll film from top to down and also from the center to edges. On film there is unique gluing layer which expels bubbles when "grinding" film. If nevertheless big bubbles under film remained, then try to separate accurately film from surface and again to prikatayta her doctor blade. You should not incise or puncture big bubbles as as a result you will be able to receive fold on film.

6. After gluing heat film the hair dryer to make active the gluing layer. The hair dryer you keep at arm's length 20 cm from material and evenly warm up film, moving stream of warm air. Do not allow material overheating.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team