How to govern open razor

How to govern open razor

Editing does not sharpen edge, and levels razor metal edge. Regular editing will allow the razor to keep high quality of work longer. Not everyone can use open razor, but this ability can be useful in life.

It is required to you

  • - belt for editing;
  • - fabric;
  • - fine abrasive paste.


1. Pick up suitable belt that process of editing was more convenient and effective. Beginners will suit the cheapest or old and unnecessary belt. Careless and inept actions many scratch and cut belt surface, putting it out of commission.

2. Use special belts from neat's-leather or yuft when you train on plain belt and you will master all process of editing of open razor. Yuft soft material, therefore process of work on it more convenient and fruitful. Fabric for editing take any.

3. Buy special paste. Paste of yellow color will be suitable for the razor from carbon steel, besides she looks after belt surface from yuft. Yellow paste can be replaced white or black pencil from paste which usually goes in set together with red pencil.

4. For edge from stainless steel take red paste. It will be spent more economically when you govern the razor from this material. Will be one application of times in half a year enough. Ask consultation in shop or look at the instruction which is attached to the razor or pastes.

5. Having collected all necessary materials, start the process of editing. It is desirable to be engaged in it before each shaving, but not after it. Otherwise you have chance to damage razor edge.

6. Prepare material cut. Most often govern only by means of belt, but by rules at first it is necessary to use fabric. If you have decided to take flax, you have to grate it with normal chalk. In this case chalk will serve as small abrasive. From other fibers you apply nothing on fabric.

7. Hardly pull fabric. Take the razor for shin or the handle, your fingers should not touch edge. Put the razor on fabric so that the edge entirely lay on the surface of material, and stupid part of edge has been slightly raised. Conduct the razor on fabric sharp part back. When you reach the edge of material, invert edge. Carry out the razor thus 15 times.

8. Do editing of open razor by leather belt, act just as in case with fabric. Only the belt needs to be greased with paste, and edge to carry out 50 times in two directions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team