How to grind belt saw

How to grind belt saw

Belt saw - irreplaceable component of any power-saw bench, its basis. When it new is also ground, apparently, that there is nothing that it could not cut quickly and qualitatively. But what to do when it has become blunted? How correctly and qualitatively to grind belt saw if you have near at hand no sharpening machine?

It is required to you

  • - belt saw;
  • - grinding stone;
  • - couple of vice.


1. Remove belt saw from power-saw bench.

2. Clamp belt saw in vice.

3. Attentively examine cloth of belt saw regarding availability on it the stiffened pitch. In case of its detection clean off it from cloth.

4. Take away the cutting teeth of belt saw on 2-3 mm from their normal situation.

5. Start sharpening of each cutting tool tooth separately. When carrying out sharpening keep precisely former drawing of sharpening - quality works of belt saw and its durability will depend on it.

6. Accurately return tool-grinding teeths to former situation. Will depend on this procedure, will move how evenly to the place of cut and to be removed shavings.

7. Establish belt saw on power-saw bench.

8. It is necessary to clamp saw two vice, having arranged them on its edges differently the tape of saw will vibrate that considerably will reduce quality of sharpening. It is necessary to sharpen tooth one continuous movement.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team